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The purpose of this site is to simply share code for micro-controller projects that I feel is lacking. Most code is for Atmega chips, most suited to use on certain Arduino boards, all written in C, some for the Arduino libraries and others not using the Arduino library. Ideally I will attempt to have samples both for Arduino libraries as well as straight C (for use with avr-gcc).

Where projects communicate either with other hardware or a PC then I will attempt to provide protocol specs (I hate the use of the term "open source" when the documentation remains private) and some will include code to run on the PC.

Order of Development

Development is done in my spare time so code/tools will appear as I find time. So I'll simply provide an order of when things will become available.

What When Status
Font Generator NOW Creating fixed width fonts for GLCDv3 library. Will be left as-is for now.
LCD Control Next The code for LCD Control is working and for the most part complete, so an initial release will be here shortly.
GPS Reader < 1 mth away This is a simple project so shouldn't take long. People who need a GPS solution now should probably check out the TinyGPS Arduino library.
Indexing Head < 3 mth away I have already done quite a bit of work on this project as it cannot wait too long as my father will be using it on his lathe.
Telescope Control ? This is a long-term project and interest of mine.

I have plenty of projects I dream of taking on but simply struggle to find enough time. Keeping in mind that plenty of other projects with similar goals are already underway by others, so for some of these it's hard to justify working on. Depending on how my interests go these may get moved ahead of others:

  • Timelapse Dolly - motorised movement along a dolly along with control over one or more other axis to allow well controlled and repeatable timelapse paths, including a trigger for the remote release of Canon DSLRs. Photography is another interest of mine.

Home | Projects: LCD Control | Indexing Head | Telescope Control | GPS Reader | Tools: Font Generator

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